Upgrade OracleBI(OBIEE) 11g to 12c

An Overview of an OBIEE upgrade

Oracle released the latest version of OBIEE — Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c ( — in October 2016. This version offers a number of new features and considerable improvements over the previous versions of OBIEE.


  • It is now more Business friendly to offer agile and self-service; IT friendly to offer better governance, maintenance and easy installation
  • Aligned to BI Cloud Strategy
  •  Introduction of .bar files and extended subject-areas for data mashups
  • Consistency across on premise and cloud with colorful icons for better visibility
  • Comes with data visualization (separately licensed though)
  • Several enhancements to graphs views, reports and dashboards
  • Offers Baseline Validation Tool for comparison of data between 11g and 12c environments

There are two ways to upgrade OBIEE from 11g to 12c

They are
  1.  Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant
  2.  Oracle 12c Upgrade Utility

11. Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant tool

The Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant is used to upgrade component schemas, component configurations, and standalone system component configurations from Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 ( or to Fusion Middleware 12c (12.1.2).

When you run the Upgrade Assistant from the oracle_common/upgrade/bin directory of your Fusion Middleware 12c (12.1.2) installation, it performs the following tasks:

        For schema upgrades, the Upgrade Assistant examines the current install directory and identifies the list of component schemas to be upgraded. It also determines the order of schema upgrade based on certain dependency information present.

        For component configuration upgrades, the Upgrade Assistant connects to the WebLogic Administration Server to determine the list of components that are configured and supported for upgrade.


High Level Upgrade Process Overview:

2. Using Oracle 12c Upgrade Utility

            Upgrade utility is a JAR file that is copied from an Oracle BI 12c install to the 11g system to be upgraded.

Upgrade utility generates an upgrade ‘bundle’ (i.e. BI Application Archive file) that is copied to 12c system and imported. BAR file contains:
        System security configuration
        Oracle BI repository
        Oracle BI Presentation Services Catalog
       BI Publisher

High Level Upgrade Process Overview:

Why Upgrade to Oracle BI 12c?
  1.  Allow for mashups (i.e.: combining your own data on the fly such as spreadsheet) to gain immediate insights against enterprise data with your own data for quick discovery and shared reporting
  2.   Get Updated feature sets such as advanced visual discovery through the Visual Analyzer business user tool
  3. Get Better lifecycle management for installing and deploying OBIEE and its artifacts between environments
  4.  Get new features based on an updated framework to the preceding version, OBIEE 11g
  5.  It’s the perfect version to migrate to if you are running OBIEE 10g, OBIEE 11g, or Oracle Discoverer

If you’re still using Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) 11g, now is the time to upgrade to 12c. Oracle’s latest analytics suite release of the popular Oracle Business Intelligence system, it features stronger integration of heterogeneous data sources, data visualizations, and the cloud to create a more efficient and effective business intelligence environment for your enterprise.


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